After death communication signs

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After death communication signs

We all experience in losing a loved one sometime in our lives sooner or later. But, what happens after death and also to the point what happens to our loved ones who pass away to the world of spirit. After death communication signs, are often shown to many of us but how do we tell the […]


Pendulum for beginners How To Use and Cleanse

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pendulum for beginners

Pendulums have been being used for a great many years, and for a wide range of reasons. Follow this article and learn how to use a pendulum for beginners. Giving the dowser a “yes” or “no,” a positive or negative, by a method for a basic swinging movement. Pendulums are regularly used to find lost […]


How to access the Akashic Records

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akashic records

Akashic Records where do we start. First of all, I will say that Akasha is a word from Sanskrit and that it means something like “primal substance” or primary substance. And this is because this substance is that which was before creation, and which then gave rise to creation itself, of which we are apart. […]

Guest Post

Guest posts welcome

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Guest Posts

We are now welcoming guest posts on our psychic unicorn blog. Guest posts must be related to our site and be your own content and not look spammy. Allowing members to join us and contribute to our site can help us and you at the same time. If you have related website or blog then […]


Confidence Improving Tips Which Actually Works

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These days many people are suffering in their daily lives with no confidence. Improving your confidence can really help you in life such as relationships and career-wise. Believing in yourself is a major factor in being confident which many people fail to do. You know these type of people right or maybe you are one of […]