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Ways to See Auras Within Minutes Works! [Infographics]

Anyone can see auras within minutes, there are also many ways to see your aura within minutes. In this article, we will give you the exercises you need to strengthen the eyes to be able to see auras. Also, check out the Infographics below for a colour chart showing what each colour means. This is important to learn the colours, seeing your aura is amazing knowing what each colour means is handy. So see our see auras colour chart and infographics and we will then go into the exercises.

See Auras – Colour Chart Each Colour Meaning

aura colours meanings

Are Auras Real

Yes, they really do exist, they are very real and not just in the Psychic perspective but in the nature of science. All it is your aura is the electromagnetic field of energy which is covering your entire body. This is also on any living thing humans, animals and plants. These days as well you can have special aura photographs taken and can see your aura, but why go to all that. When you can experience this with your own eyes, you don’t have to be a powerful psychic anyone can do this!

In this article, I want to show you just how easy anyone can see and also feel their auras. Ways of seeing your auras within minutes, some may adapt to this and see within seconds. These are the real ways of seeing and sensing the aura. Even find other Aura information on the Aura colour meanings for more in-depth.


How to see aura for beginners

Anyone can see auras, whether there own aura or someone else’s. This is one of the easiest in Psychic development to learn and I will teach you to see auras within minutes. Many think you need super eyesight for this well that may go towards in seeing it much more clearly but anyone can do this. So to start you off with the beginner’s guide below is a simple easy exercise before we dive into the more deeper ones.

You will Need:

  • Sheet of plain White Paper
  • Your Hand

Your Aura Around Your Hand Exercise

Firstly what you are going to do is place the paper down and then place your hand down on the paper. Make sure your palm is facing downwards and slightly separate your fingers not too far just slightly.

Next, you need to gaze at your hand but in between the area of your fingers.Soften your gaze and while doing this try and let your eyes lose focus, this may feel weird if you have never done this before. Let them lose focus a little kinda like making them go blurry, and just gaze in between the parted fingers.

Within a minute or even sooner you should start to see a faint colour around your fingers. Remember don’t look directly at them just between the fingers but also with the fingers in view. This is very effective and you have just seen the first layer of the auric energy field within a minute…

How to See Your Aura Exercise

In the exercise below you will be needing a handheld mirror to look at yourself in. We will go through this below and learn you to see your aura in the mirror.

You Will Need:

  • To Dim the lights
  • Also a Mirror
  • And Yourself!

Getting Started – Let’s See Your Aura

Let us start off by setting the scene, so go in a dim lit room or dim the lights. As we want the atmosphere to not be too compelling on the eyes. So once you don that great find a quiet place to relax with your mirror an handheld mirror will do just nicely. Also, if you want to quieten your mind try a quick meditation to lighten your the atmosphere and your energies.

Start by looking around the room you are in and look at something in the distance in the room and focus on this. For example; a bookcase in the far corner or even your shelf with your DVD collection on there and focus. Perhaps see if you can read the titles of your favourite DVD movie from where you are sat. Try to do this a few times till you can focus on something, then shift your gaze and lose focus a few times. Do this 3 to 4 times making your eyes lose focus then back in focus. This is exercising your eyes, strengthen the eye muscles this will increase chances to see auras.

Once you have done this a number of times now turn to look into the mirror you have and gaze into the mirror. Softly gaze at your self-nice and easily, relax your vision take your time if need be. Just continue to gaze without moving just keep gazing after a while you will start to see an outline around your head and shoulders. If not then continue, if you feel your eyes start to hurt please stop! you can always try again later on. These methods on this page have been tried and tested Ways to See Auras Within Minutes Works!

Simple Eye Exercise

Try practice these simple eye exercises daily to help strengthen your eyes to allow them to see auras and other energies. Read the instructions on the image and practice please let us know in the comments below on how well you went. You can also let us know on the above exercises in the comments if you need help with seeing the aura.

see auras exercises

eye exercises

see auras exercise

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