Psychic Self Defense Strategy Ebook

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In the psychic and spiritual world it is best to always be safe when tuning into higher realms of energies. Here is the psychic self defense strategy ebook. In this guide you will learn how to psychic protect yourself and knowing when you are under a psychic attack. Check below the contents of this product before you purchase safe and secure. We use PayPal as this is the safest way of getting your ebook download, make sure you have a PDF or reader for the file.

Contents of this ebook


Chapter 1:
Chapter 2:
The Importance Of A Strong Mind
Chapter 3:
How To Know If You Are Under Attack
Chapter 4:
Learn How To Take Control Of Your Energy Levels
Chapter 5:
Learn How To Battle Negative Energy
Chapter 6:
Learn How To Be Grounded
Chapter 7:
Learn Spiritual Cleansing
Chapter 8:
Learn To Release Fear
Chapter 9:
Surround Yourself With “White Light”
Wrapping Up
Use Positive Affirmations


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