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Our New Paranormal World Forum

This is just a quick post to all my readers of Psychic Unicorn I am sorry I have not been around recently. I have been busy sorting out some personal issues in my life and also working on my new Paranormal forum. This is open for all the Paranormal fans of the Paranormal world, with many topics from Unexplained Mysteries to Out of body experiences, Past Lives and so much more even Spirit boxes.


Paranormal Forum

So why did I create a Paranormal forum when they are already so many paranormal forums and websites out there?

Well, I want my forum to be different from any other paranormal forum out there. I have already started to gain members and some valuable content on the forum. I want to allow all fans to join and discuss what they believe and also share their experiences.

I also will be setting up competitions on the forum to win paranormal goodies and also other goodies from Paranormal DVDs to even Ghost Hunting equipment. So please if you are a fan of what goes bump in the night to even being psychic to ghost stories then please join my new forum on

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