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Mysterious forces in Our Newly Rented House

Before I begin, little details on this rented house first.

The house is ranging about 80 – 100 years old I’m not quite sure for what I know is that it’s the first house to ever be built in that area, plus the area is superbly quiet with lots of mahogany trees surrounding it. It’s located in the lower part of a mountain, rural areas particularly. But it’s not that far away from the city(so that’s why we choose to rent here, it’s near school and work).


We were renting a house near the location of our current house now before we transferred to our current rented house(the mysterious one). I was with my family here when we were still renting the previous one. Unfortunately, I have been an addiction to playing online games instead of going to school, so my father chooses to transfer me to our province in the north where there is less temptation around. So there in our province, I graduated High School. After that, ourĀ father decided to transfer me back here to where we were renting for me to take college here. But then there I knew they already have rented our current house now, for the previous one is too small for our family to stay in.

Now, this is where mystery begins, “OK the house is big alright!”, I said as my mother tour me around to my room. The thing is it’s all made of mostly woods, partly cement ground, a 2-storey house. Then my mother told me that we were only renting the ground floor, for the second floor the owners forbid to be rented(personal issues). So feel at home I fell asleep, and nothing happened. The morning after that, I went to school to get enrolled and were able to be enrolled that certain day. Went home that afternoon, our family was complete and everyone’s done for work. Then we began chatting around until we reached the topic of how are things going in the house?

It goes quiet all of a sudden. Then my father started talking in a whisper and here it goes. My father usually goes to sleep around 1:00 am at dawn. Father said that there was this night that happened quarter to 12 where a very strange girl in white, just got inside our gate unnoticed. He went out to confront the girl, where he found out that the girl was trying to open the gate, she’s having a hard time opening it because it’s too tricky to open it from inside, so father asked the girl, “whats up?”, then the girl replied, “sir someone is chasing me, I need to go out”, then father without further questions, just let the girl go away, and he said the girl was beautiful, but he can’t describe fully her face, that what he saw was only glances of her.

After father has caught up at the moment, he wondered how the girl got inside when the gate was about 13 feet high, seems to be impossible for a girl to overcome. It never happened again.

However, that’s just the beginning of it, because the most gruesome thing happened to me and my little sister.That day when I and my sister were the only ones left in the house, so we invited some of our cousins in, who was living just near our neighbours.

The morning that day, I was just playing PSP to entertain myself, and my sister and two cousins were outside chitchatting, then it got quiet again all of a sudden, so quiet that I can hear, there’s someone slowly making steps upstairs, like because of the silence I am pretty certain, somebody is upstairs. So without stressing about it, I went upstairs. By the way, the only way to go upstairs is through the stairs outside. I went there, and the door was open, I mean it’s not locked. I walk inside, the whole place was dusty, with spider webs in the ceiling. I searched the whole place because I was certain, somebody’s got to be there, but I found nothing, although there were these drawers I haven’t searched yet, for I was having a bad feeling at the moment. I quickly get out and thought maybe I was just hearing things.

Until after quite a while, I hear steps again, and this time it’s a bit louder, it’s like somebody just naturally keeps walking around upstairs. And there I assumed that something creepy is happening, something unnatural.

So I went outside to approach my sister and cousins, and there I saw. . . .

it was like about evening, and it’s really dark outside, my sister never really switched the lights on. So I go to turn it on, and improperly the lights won’t work, my sister and cousins were never there.

Then I heard my sister is calling me from outside the gate and she shouted, “I turned on the lights but it went off on its own” , then I answered “why are you guys outside”, the three of them replied “be cautious somebody is upstairs ” I said ‘Oh really?’ by the way, the switch for the lights outside is located right beside the door on the second floor.

So I tried opening the door, and Holy Cow . . . the door was locked?

then my cousins shouted, “there is someone inside waving a flashlight or something and was consistently closing and opening the door, that’s why we’re here outside and it suddenly stopped right away after you came”,

“So that’s how it was”, I answered. Man, I got nervous all of a sudden. The door surely is locked up.

Luckily my big brother just got home, then we told him everything, so I and my brother went to check it out and we brought flashlights, and then we began peeking on windows and holes breathlessly.

But that was the end of it. It only leaves us wondering what was it actually?
Up until now nothing strange has happened again.
It might be a villain or is it relating to the history of the house.

We asked the owner, he said a pregnant girl died there in the bathroom, he said nothing more than she just accidentally killed herself. That’s just it.


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