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Pendulum for beginners How To Use and Cleanse

Pendulums have been being used for a great many years, and for a wide range of reasons. Follow this article and learn how to use a pendulum for beginners. Giving the dowser a “yes” or “no,” a positive or negative, by a method for a basic swinging movement. Pendulums are regularly used to find lost articles, to reveal concealed medical problems, to choose homeopathic therapeutic medicines, to demonstrate regardless of whether sustenance is ruined, to find a solution to a squeezing question, to settle on a choice, to open and adjust the chakras, and for an assortment of different reasons excessively numerable, making it impossible to tally.

While there are numerous speculations about how dowsing functions, truly this type of divination will dependably remain to some degree a riddle. Dowsing has been generally contemplated and numerous conclusions have been shaped by how it functions. A few people trust that dowsing produces answers straight from the Divine. Others trust that pendulums and dowsing bars get on the energies of the circumstances or protests being referred to with a specific end goal to uncover answers.

The hypothesis that is by and large acknowledged by the vast majority, however, is that pendulums are apparatuses used to uncover data concealed profound inside our subliminal personalities keeping in mind the end goal to transmit it to cognizant mindfulness. Basically, a significant number of the appropriate responses we look for we definitely know at the intuitive level. The pendulum exposes that insight with the goal that it might be utilized for our own particular more prominent great.

How might I begin to utilize a pendulum to dowse, you may inquire? But what about pendulum for beginners? Indeed, regardless of whether you are simply starting to work with a pendulum or you’re a prepared dowser, you may find that the accompanying tips will make your future dowsing encounters more effective ones.

Choose A Pendulum you feel Drawn to

Pendulums come in a wide range of styles and assortments, so it’s essential that you require your investment in choosing the correct one for you. You can make your own particular pendulum essentially by tying a little thing, for example, a paperclip, dab, gem, or other discovered question onto the finish of a string or a strand of globules. You can likewise buy a pendulum.

Simply look at the closest new age store (imply: Mimosa is an extraordinary place to locate the ideal pendulum!) where you’re certain to locate an extensive assortment to browse. While looking for a pendulum, focus on what “addresses you.” If you find that you’re attracted to a specific gemstone, shading, or style – simply run with it. Test them out and limit your decisions by considering the way everyone feels when you grasp it.

Use your Dominant Hand


This may appear like an undeniable one, however in the event that you’ve never held a pendulum – you won’t know! Some pendulums have a little ring, circle, globule, toward the finish of the chain or string for you to get a handle on between your fingers, others may not. On the off chance that there is a little question for you to clutch, tenderly squeeze it between your pointer finger and your thumb on your prevailing hand – that is, the hand that you by and large utilize frequently.

On the off chance that this doesn’t feel great for you, you don’t need to get a handle on the question. Rather, slide your pointer and finger down the chain or string roughly ½” and let the ring or question that you were holding simply lay on your finger. Your hold ought to be casual, and the pendulum suspended at the opposite end of the chain or string should hang without strain.

Learn to Center and Ground yourself


Important for you to know even the pendulum for beginners should know. Before you begin playing with your new pendulum companion, make sure to take a couple of minutes to clear, ground, and focus yourself. Kill your mobile phone and locate a peaceful place to play with your pendulum free from diversions. You can utilize whatever techniques for clearing, establishing, and focusing that you favor, however, whatever you do, don’t disregard to fuse these vital strides into your dowsing schedule.

Pendulum for Beginners Lets Start with Basic simple Questions


When using a pendulum for beginners, you want to start off with simple questions. When you first begin working with a pendulum, you may be in a rush to jump into the “profound end of the pool,” as it were. Abstain from doing this if at all conceivable and simply keep it light while you’re learning. You might need to start by making inquiries that you’re cognizant personality definitely knows the responses to.

Suspend your pendulum over a “test” question, for example, a coin and ask, “Is this protest a key? Take after that inquiry with one that you know to be valid, “Is this question a coin?” Keep trying different things with your pendulum until the point that you begin to feel more great with it. When you begin to feel like you have its hang (no play on words planned!), you can proceed onward to more genuine inquiries.

Cleansing Your Pendulum

moon light cleansing

There are so many different ways one can cleanse their pendulums. Do try a few different procedures and then stick to the one which suits you. I will show you just 2 of the ways I generally cleanse my pendulums and they are highly effective to do. Also, will share other known ways you can cleanse your pendulum and have them charged with energy. even if you are using a pendulum for beginners you can still easily learn to cleanse yours.


  • If you are ever pressed for time, you can ask and call upon Archangel Michael be sure to ask Him to clear and cleanse my pendulum.
  • You can also place your pendulum on a windowsill during the night during a full moon or even daylight can charge it by the sun.

1. If you are in a hurry and need to be somewhere, then hold your pendulum under cold running water just for a few seconds. Whilst you are doing this in your mind visualizing a bright white light clearing your pendulum.

2. Why not bury your pendulum in the earth and leave it for several days make sure you ask the Deva of the particular stone/gem and of the earth to help you to cleanse your stone/gem pendulum and this will rebalance the energy of the pendulum.

Using A Pendulum to Communicate With Spirit

pendulums communications with spirit

When using a pendulum you can tap into all kinds of energy when putting the pendulum to good use. You can also use your new found energized pendulum to communicate with the spirit world and also your spirit guide and angels.

When using the pendulum to perform communications with the spirit which is very accurate when used correctly. You can use the pendulum as a tool to be used to communicate with spirit and also your higher self and including spirit guides. You can also use this in healing properties to which I mention further down this page. This is a very fast and effective way to get the answers from unknown sources to any of your problems.

You do not need a Hi-Tech pendulum in order to communicate with your spirit guides or spirit. You can even do it with string with a ring on it. But, I do feel spirit do connect better in form of crystals, crystals hold energy and spirit have such a higher vibration than our own.

  1. Firstly, Sit in quiet meditation for about 15 to 20 minutes. Once you are much more relaxed hold the pendulum whilst it is suspending downwards by holding the string/chain between thumb and forefinger.
  2.  Secondly, Sit quietly while you deep breathe through your nose and hold for the count of 4 and then exhale out through your mouth. Keep repeating this process all the way through this exercise allowing more energy and oxygen to the brain.
  3. Ask spirit if anyone in spirit is there, take note what the pendulum is doing… Is it moving up and down for yes? If it does this ask spirit simple questions, ask if your loved ones are near. Try and ask only yes and no questions what can be answered.
  4. You can even ask the spirit to make the pendulum move faster or ask them to move it in a certain direction. Whatever your responses try to keep a notepad near be as I do find it a good idea to make notes of the answers.
  5. Finally, Practice this process as it will build up a strong connection, not just with spirit but also your pendulum.

Balance Your Chakras With a Pendulum

pendulum chakra healing

Pendulums come in all shapes and sizes. They are basically devices that assistance us recognize our vigorous field. They are tuned to inconspicuous vibrations and a decent chakra pendulum can enable us to clear, adjust and mend our energies around our body.

A pendulum is a weight swinging from a settled point. Whenever pulled and discharged, the powers of gravity and latency make development. Be that as it may, when no power is caused by the weight, something starts to happen normally; invincible energies tend to help move the pendulum with a little assistance from the oblivious personality. Pendulums feel otherworldly, for notwithstanding when kept totally still, they start to move in the recognition of the imperceptible energies which are always around us.

The chakras which are aligned energy points which are vertically down the body from head to base. This is the energy field of delicate inconspicuous energies that enlivens our physical bodies. At the point when these are crooked, we can be pulled in a few headings and feel unbalanced from our most common condition of prosperity.

Tith the use of a crystal pendulum you are able to find whether or not a certain chakra as blocks. Once knowing what and where the blocks are in your chakra system the next initial steps are removing these blocks. If you want to know more about Chakras be sure to check our chakra cleansing meditation.


A Few Great Pendulums I Use

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cheap dowsing pendulums

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Keep practicing Practice makes perfect

On the chance that you truly need to ace the specialty of dowsing, invest energy working with your pendulum consistently. Indeed, even the busiest of calendars can save a couple of minutes every day for a little practice. Convey your pendulum with you in a little fabric pocket while you’re out on the town. You can dowse anyplace, and the time went through with your pendulum on your individual will just build the extraordinary bond that you have with it. Remember to always come back to psychic unicorn website as we also do discuss other psychic abilities as well. Also, if this as helped you please share on social media thank you blessing love and light from Psychic Unicorn.

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