how does hypnosis work

How Does Hypnosis Work? Hypnosis what is it?

We all go in and out trance states several times a day, A form of hypnosis when we are watching a film or a soap opera, reading a book. Even when we are driving we may enter a trance state, sleep is a form of deep trance. When we enter these trance states we usually experience a deep sense of relaxation, our conscious mind quietens and we become open to suggestion, when we enter a deep trance we become able to visualize very clearly and we may even hallucinate.

Hypnosis Cannot Be Done to You

When we go to see a hypnotherapist or stage hypnotist they use or minds own natural ability to relax, it could be possible for an experienced hypnotist to hypnotize someone who refuses to relax but this is beyond the ability of most people.

Even if someone who didn’t want to be hypnotized was put into a trance they would still have their own free will and their subconscious mind could reject any suggestions that went against their morals or beliefs. Stage hypnotists need to select the most suitable subjects within a very short period of time so they use special tests to help them decide who is going to be most susceptible to hypnosis and suggestion.

What is a Hypnotic Trance

As mentioned above we all experience trance in some way or another, several times a day. It is said that emotional states can induce a form of trance too, when we become ecstatically happy, angry or depressed we can enter a form of trance and sometimes we may even hallucinate.

Hypnotic trance is a deep form of relaxation, the hypnotist will use relaxation techniques to put a subject into trance but contrary to popular belief it is not sleeping. When we enter a hypnotic trance we become more alert and aware of what is happening around us.

Research has shown that our conscious minds are only aware of a tiny fraction of what is going on around us, our subconscious minds are aware of everything all the time so by relaxing our conscious and using our subconscious minds we become more alert and aware of everything that is happening.

Altering Beliefs

Once we have entered this relaxed state the therapist is able to communicate with our subconscious mind and change any unwanted thoughts, beliefs or behaviors we may have asked him or her to help us with. Many unwanted behaviors come from negative experiences, hypnotherapy can be used to regress a person to these experiences and look at them from a different perspective or practice forgiveness. Once we forgive a previous hurt we can release any emotional charge we may have attached to it and move on with our lives.

Where Do Beliefs Come From?

Many people associate with their thoughts and beliefs as if they were their own, this is usually not the case at all. We have all had negative experiences in our lives, these negative experiences can create unwanted thoughts, behaviors and eventually these thoughts and behaviors become beliefs.

If you once got stuck in an elevator and were trapped there for hours you may develop a fear of elevators. If you tried to do something and failed at it miserably you may develop the belief that the certain thing you failed to do can’t be done. If a teacher said something negative to you in school this could also form a negative or limiting belief. The experiences don’t even need to be our own, as children we learn by mimicking those around us so if our parents or other family members have undesirable behaviors we may pick them up.

Are There People That Can’t Be Hypnotised?

Many hypnotists believe that everyone can be hypnotized but you will struggle to find a hypnotist that believes he or she can hypnotize everyone. Some people will be too nervous to hypnotize, some will have fears of hypnosis, they may have heard that the hypnotist will be able to manipulate and make them do stupid things (this is of course not the case) and some may just not get on with the hypnotist.


Rapport is a very important part of the process of hypnosis if the hypnotist is not in rapport with the person they are trying to hypnotize they will have a very hard time hypnotizing them. Many hypnotists will never hypnotize certain people such as those suffering from severe depression or a mental illness. Also, hypnosis can help participate in other Psychic abilities such as past lives.

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  1. That is really cool that a hypnotic trance is a deep form of relaxation and isn’t sleeping. I always thought that hypnosis puts you to sleep. It’s really interesting that you actually become more alert about what is happening around you as well. I would love to know what that felt like.

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