Develop Your Psychic Abilities

10 Top Ways to Develop Your Psychic Abilities

If you are unsure of how to develop your psychic abilities it can be tricky getting started in the whole process. In this post, I will be giving you the best top 10 ways to develop your psychic abilities and hopefully, with time and practice, you can hone your abilities. This will help sharpen your intuition and also your mediumship abilities to help you become a great Psychic.

The best way to get great results is to try not to take all this in at once, try each one each day. So 1st-day meditation then 2nd day Spirit guides and so on. Bookmark this page if you have to and just keep coming back or even make notes. I find having your own journal and making notes frequently helps a lot in the progression of your psychic development. Let us begin!

1 Meditation

Yes, I mention this everytime because meditation is the most important factor when working with any psychic energy. As you learn meditation and dedicate your self to it at a certain time each and every day you will raise your energies. Not just raise your energies but also stress levels, blood pressure and also get a clear picture of your main goals. All you really need to do is meditate for around 10 to 15 minutes on a daily bases every day.

If you are unsure of how to meditate then I do have a few guides on meditation around this blog. One of the best meditations to try is the one on my post which you can go on here Psychic development meditation.

2 Make A Connection With Your Spirit Guides

Connecting with our spirit guides on a day to day bases as well helps us learn more about them and ourselves. We use our spirit guides to help get the information which is often passed from spirit to our guides to which they pass to us. Forming a solid connection and learning how to connect with them and how to determine how they are connecting with us.

When you are in meditation you can ask your guides to show themselves to you or even touch so you know they are around you. You will see them in your mind’s eye (Third-Eye) and also may sense them around you, with tingle or tickle sensations.

The best way to connect to our guides is through a deep meditative state as there energy is on a much higher frequency. So if we achieve the same energy frequency we have a much more clear connection and be able to communicate with them a lot better. Try my Spirit guide meditation here.

3 Start Practicing Psychometry

Psychometry is the art of reading items of there energy, everyone and thing as energy. Practice this by either going to a second-hand shop/store and purchase something. Doesn’t have to be expensive, and when you are in meditation hold this item and get a sense of it and see what impressions you are getting from it. Ideally as well is to have a notepad or journal nearby so you can write down what you are getting.

Another great way is practice with someone else, ask them if you can practice on them. They may hand you there watch or a ring and using the same methods by also asking in your mind about the item you are holding. You may see images, Dates, or even visions. Whatever you see or feel always pass this information on. I will write the next post on Psychometry if anyone is unsure of how to do psychometry.

4 Opening And Closing Chakras

One of the main ingredients in our energies and the whole psychic abilities in development. Is the chakra system, the chakras are energy points which start from the crown of the head all the way to the base of your spine. When we meditate and work with these by opening them one by one we are then opening ourselves up to the spirit and higher energies. This is essential to learn and commit to for you to be able to tune into the spirit world and pass on messages for loved ones.

If you want to learn the art of doing this then check out my detailed Chakra meditation guide. This is one of the most important meditations to learn if you are wanting to be open to the spirit world. Also, learn Chakra cleansing meditation.

5 Develop Your Psychic Abilities By Practicing Visualising Daily

We remember when we were younger in our childhood. We use to use our imagination on a daily basis from pretending we were saving the world by in our minds pretending and imagining that we were a king. Ermm maybe just me then lol. But let us bring back the imagination, which is also important when you want to develop your psychic abilities.

Spirit loves this and can connect to us much easier. Practice daily in meditation visualising, Visualise anything you like. Let your Imagination run wild, the more you visualise and see these images in your mind the easier it will be for you to receive psychic messages like this. As this is how psychics get information when tuned in, in form of images, symbols and visions like small video clips in the mind.

For example; Practice trying to think of your favourite movie scene, now play this in your mind, good can you see it clear do you hear the sounds as well. Keep practising to get it as clear as you can as if you were actually watching it. Keep practising not just clips but images.

6 Take Frequent Walks In Nature

You do not have to just do meditation indoors it can also be done by taking walks. Try taking a walk in nature by also taking note in everything you see and hear with the sounds around you. Taking in the air deep breath and relax with the nature around you. Walking is a great form of exercising not just for the body but also for the mind and spirit.

7 Read More Books Posts

There are tons of books on psychic development especially on Amazon which are really great tools to help you with developing your abilities. Read daily a few pages and bring your intuition up to scratch, a lot of different ways of developing can help you increase your awareness. Try reading different books as it is great to read other peoples views and take on the subject and the more knowledge the better.

8 Practice Viewing Auras

Viewing your own aura as well as other peoples auras can be pretty amazing abilities to learn. Seeing the auric energy field is one of the easiest psychic abilities to learn. So practise seeing your aura can be an easy task to undertake, so practice viewing your aura around your hand first. I have a few posts on auras which will help you see your aura easy within a few easy steps.

Ways to see auras within minutes

Aura colours Meaning

9 Try Using Tarot and Angel Cards

Tarot cards and Angel cards can help with your intuition and gaining clear insights into psychic visions. Get your self a deck and practice daily learning the cards can be easy to just interpret the cards what the card means to you. for example, if you are using a tarot deck and a death card comes up this does not mean anyone is going to die. Never give negative information like death to anyone. Death can mean an ending to a current situation you or someone is in depending on who you are reading for.

Practice daily with your cards even sleep with them under your pillow it will absorb your energy into the cards. Even meditate with them in your hand in meditation using visualising techniques such as sending white light from the universe down through your body through your arms into your hands and finally into your cards.

10 Try Your Abilities On others Practice Makes Perfect

They say practice makes perfect so do just that practice what you have learned on others. Don’t be scared of getting anything wrong when giving a reading give what you feel, sense and see you be surprised at how right you will be. A great way to practice is on Facebook there are many Psychic readings and Psychic development groups out there. Try my group Psychic development and Psychic readings Facebook Group Here.

So just be confident and think positive you will soon see how good you really are at giving readings. Just remember to be tuned in by meditating and also open up your chakras also remember to use psychic protection and grounding before giving readings as you will feel drained if you do not do this. Always say to someone that you are developing still and you would like to practice. Most people love been a subject for getting a reading, also if your still a beginner amateur at readings never charge do it for free.


Putting all the above topics together you can surely hone your psychic abilities and become a successful psychic. Whether you want to develop for personal use or to help others then practice to strengthen your abilities. The more you practice the better you will become, making sure you believe in your self and above all have the confidence. As placing these in your daily life routines will actually help you become a much more confident person. Please feel free to comment below and let me know if there is anything you are struggling on or maybe what you would like me to talk about in my next post. For now, take care love and light god bless readers and thank you for reading my top 10 ways to develop your psychic abilities.

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